Electric Fireplace Modern Flames AL2500CLX2



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Electric Fireplace AL2500CLX2

The popular ambiance electric fireplace offers the ultimate combination of versatility, design. This award winning electric fireplace CLX series has received an upgrade with an improved look and easier customer customization.

The electric fireplace features a new color changing orange to blue flame for year around use, a thermostat for setting the temperature in your room to that ideal setting and includes 2 styles of media (coals, glacier diamond glass) for easily changing the look and feel of your fireplace.

Finally choose from one of our 4 surround upgrade of stainless steel, black stainless steel, flat white metal & matte black metal for the ultimate in customization. The size of the electric fireplace XL is 2500 mm is the optimal addition to any hotel, casino, office, restaurant and many more.

Electric Fireplace Touch Screen Technology:

Directly below the flame on the right hand side you will find a series of touch controls. The 3 stacked icons (in order) operate the power, heat (on/off) and light intensity. Hold the light intensity for 5 seconds to change the back screen color from orange to blue. To the right of the stacked icons you will see a digital readout with arrows on the top and the bottom. The digital readout indicates the temperature the thermostat is set too. Touch the arrows above or below the digital readout to increase or decrease the set temperature. All touch controls fade to black after 4 seconds.

Electric Fireplace XL Specifications:

Recessed or wall mount installation – Recesses into any 2” x 4” wall
Color Changing Orange to Blue flame for year round use
Media – Coals / Glacier Glass (Included)
Low energy LED Flame Technology
Unsurpassed Realistic Flame Pattern
Hi-tech touch screen controls
NEW Sleek remote
Flame operates with or without heat
Variable heat with thermostat ready and Variable Flame
240 Volt – 1500 watt / 5000 BTU heater
Do it yourself installation instructions (Included)

About Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Let go of traditional fireplaces, and say Hello to our Built-in Realistic efficient electric fireplace that are smoke and vent-free, requires no chimney and offers a zero-emissions heat. GreaT Substitute for a linear gas fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces are easier to use, faster to get going, and much easier to maintain than traditional fireplaces. With great design Efficient electric fireplace comforts you in the winter season coming up. Now is the perfect time to buy a new, heating or non heating modern electric fireplace Vent and Smoke free for your home. Modern Flames starts to work the moment you plug it in with a Realistic Full Flame Viewing Area. Most realistic electric fireplace in the market with natural electric Flame. Zero-emissions heat, Magic flame Energy-efficient combined with fast delivery so you can relax quick while watching the Glowing Coal Bed. Modern Flames offer an Affordable Alternative to Gas Fireplaces. Equipped with Touchpanel with Heat On or Off, Touch Screen Technology, Multiple Colours makes the fireplace to an exeptional good solution for any Residential or Commercial setting. Modern Flames offer The largest built-in electric fireplace of its kind.

CLX2 Series
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